Tomcat® MicroMini Walk Behind Scrubbers

Available in traction drive with Edge and traction drive with disk. EDGE orbital scrubhead delivers premier chemical-free floor stripping while reducing water consumption by up to 70%. Squeegee adjustments made simple with simple wing-nuts allows toolless maintenance of the squeegee blade. Front fill system features a stianless screen protecting your scrubber from debris for easy bucket filling. Tip back clam shell design. Disk model has gimballed drivers which improves cleaning on irregular floors. 500 lb. capacity scrub deck actuator. 30" curved squeegee with 2-sided rear blade. Adjustable stainless handlebar. Transparent lid to view tank. Vacuum power: 0.8 hp/3-stage; Waterlift/CFM: 70"/70 cfm. Solution tank: 10 Gal.; Recovery tank: 10 Gal.


Tomcat® MicroMini Walk Behind Scrub- 20" Disk, Brush,130AH

20" Disk, 130 AH, Brush Dr., ea
Manufacturers Item #164-20TB

Tomcat® MicroMini Walk Behind Scrub-20"Disk,Traction,130AH

20" Disk, 130AH, Traction Dr., ea
Manufacturers Item #164-20TD

Tomcat® MicroMini Walk Behind Scrubber - 20" EDGE, 130AH

20", 130 AH, w/EDGE, ea
Manufacturers Item #164-20TE