Minuteman® 701-55 Air Operated Vacuum - Painted

Minuteman® 701-55 Air Operated Vacuum - Painted

Item # MC-70555-01-EA

  • For heavy-duty industrial use. No motor, no cords, no connections, & no moving parts mean continuous service w/o costly & inconvenient maintenance requirements.
  • Tank Size: 55 Gal. Wet/Dry
  • Input Pressure: 100 psi; Input Air: 46 CFM
  • Air Flow: 182 CFM
Painted, ea
Manufacturers Item #C70555-55

Applications: Sump cleaning, sand and gravel, steel chip recovery, aluminum chips, steel scale recovery, foundry sand cleaning, fly ash, coolants, flux recovery, oil, grease, chemicals, metal stamping, steel shot, grit blast, ceramic oven materials, copy machine toner, iron oxide cleanup.

NO Moving Parts

The 705 Series Air Vacs operate without electricity and have no moving parts, thus simplifying maintenance. Compressed air enters the system through an air hose and passes through the adjustable orifice leading to the venturi throat. The compressed air

The venturi exhaust is diffused through a multi-labyrinth filter, thus reducing the exhaust noise level.

The 705 Series Heavy Duty Air Vacuums use compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and high static lift. These vacuums are capable of lifting or moving an extensive variety of solid or liquid materials.

Optional H.E.P.A. filters available. The absolute filter is another option which may be attached to any 705 Series models (except for the Model 704-55) when the exhaust of pure air is required.


  • 701050 - Lid Assembly with Silencer
  • 805047 - Cloth Filter with Frame
  • 515003 - Water Shutoff
  • C900015PTD - Tank Assembly, Painted, 55 gal.
  • 900047 - Dump Valve
  • 900048 - Dolly Cart
  • 750326 - Splash Shield


  • Wet Capacity: 45 gal.
  • Dry Capacity: 7.16 cu. ft.
  • Static Lift: 180"
  • Air Line: 1/2"
  • Venturi: Single Jet
  • Hose Connection: 1/2" Quick Coupler
  • Wheel Size: Front - 5"; Rear - 5"
  • Weight: 122 lbs.