Windsor® Chariot™ iVac ATV Vacuum - 24"

Windsor® Chariot™ iVac ATV Vacuum - 24"


  • 24" multi-surface HEPA vacuum designed for hard and soft floors. Designed with Windsor's Patented Chariot Stand-On Cleaning Technology.
  • Brush motor: .5 hp; Drive motor: .21 hp
  • Vacuum motor: 2 stage, 47.3" of water, 72 cfm
  • 36V 3 x 12V 114A/H AGM, on-board charger
24", ea
Manufacturers Item #98409160

Comes standard with a 10' hose and two-piece bristle and nozzle hand-tool set for off-aisle cleaning without having to use another machine.


  • Can be used to increase productivity in applications where a sweeper, wide area vacuum, back pack vacuum or dust mop is currently utilized.
  • Quieter than a traditional wide area vacuum with the same pick-up performance.
  • Simple, intuitive control panel.
  • Platform ergonomically designed for operator comfort and fatigue reduction.
  • Off-aisle cleaning wand and 10' hose.
  • 8" standard side broom.
  • On-board tool storage.
  • 17 ltr bag capacity with bag presence switch. HEPA filter standard.
  • HEPA vacuum that captures large debris in a vacuum tray.
  • Dual counter-rotating brushes with easy no-tool removal. Universal brush for hard and soft floor surfaces.
  • Designed with easy access to battery compartment, bag and filter.
  • Two transport speeds, two cleaning speeds and a setting for off-aisle cleaning. 1.8 mph vacuuming speed slow; 2.2 mph vacuuming speed high.


  • Cleaning Rate: 21,250 ft2/hr
  • Cleaning Path: 24"
  • Brushes: Two, 20" counter-rotating cylindrical
  • Brush Speed: 975 RPM
  • Brush Lift: Actuator
  • Brush Pressure: Floating (No adjustment required)
  • Noise Level: 68 dBA
  • Tires: 8" drive, 6" rear, polyurethane
  • Bag Capacity: 1/2 bushel capacity, with bag full indicator light
  • Brake: Electrical parking brake
  • Weight: 250 lbs w/o batteries
  • Dimensions: 44" L x 26" W x 51.8" H
  • Side Broom: 8"